Musidex is a way to store, organise, and tag all of your audio ideas and allow easy access and quick retrieval, Musidex is the ultimate tool for audio industries, composers and songwriters.


Your Audio - Stored Safely and Securely for Quick Retrieval

Having lots of audio can be incredibly challenging to organise and manage. Labelling and retrieving files on your hard drive can be near impossible if you don’t remember exactly where it’s located or the file name.

While there are many tools available for online storage, there are none which specifically built for audio. As a team of audio professionals, we built Musidex putting audio in the forefront giving it features that allow you to easily store, playback, organise and retrieve your audio files whenever you need them.

Your Audio - Stored Safely and Securely for Quick Retrieval

For Music Professionals: IP Protection and Never Forget Your Music

Use Musidex to have a clear record of all of your music ideas as you progress throughout your career. Using Musidex, you can upload your ideas, regardless of how finished they are, and it will keep a date and time stamp of your work. Using Musidex, any idea you’ve recorded can easily be recalled and never forgotten. Never be without inspiration when it’s time to compose another masterpiece.

For Music Professionals: IP Protection and Never Forget Your Music

For All Industries

Whether you’re a studio, call centre, museum or research group, audio is an important part in all businesses. Ensuring that you keep your hard work organised, protected and easily accessible is essential to keeping your business strong and adaptable.

For All Industries

How it Works

How Can Musidex Help Your Business?

We are passionate about organisation and helping achieve your goals for your business and creative goals.

Get in touch to request a free demo. After exploring Musidex, our team will learn more about what your business wants to achieve and implement any new features to make Musidex work best for you.

About Us

At Musidex, we’re passionate about audio and organisation. After years of working in audio professionally, we grew frustrated with losing important files and rediscovering great ideas years after they were recorded.

Putting audio at the centre, we built Musidex with the goal of never losing audio ever again and having all of your hard work available whenever you need it.