As a way to store, organise, and tag all of your music ideas and allow seamless collaboration with others, Musidex is the ultimate tool for professional composers and songwriters

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We all have them…

When creating music, you come up with a lot of ideas…a LOT of them. Melodies, chord progressions, cool licks…but not all of them make it into the final product. These ideas are great, and we tell ourselves that we’ll use them someday… and they usually sit in a musical graveyard on our hard drive or phone.

Now…They FINALLY have a home with Musidex. Upload, organise, and tag all of your music ideas and easily recall them.

We all have them…

Collaborate with others

Working on a project with your band? Film director? Student? Research partner? Create shareable playlists to send them your ideas or work-in-progress projects to get feedback and spark inspiration amongst each other.

Collaborate with others

The Ultimate Composing Tool

Utilise your Musidex to it’s fullest extent with our advanced features including…

VST for importing your ideas directly into your DAW You’re own unique Algorithm

The Ultimate Composing Tool

How it Works

Step One: Sign up for your Free Account

Signing up is easy. Click Sing Up at the top of this page to create your free account. Afterwards you’ll receive an email confirming your account is all setup and your ready to go!

Step Two: Log in and Start Uploading!

With Musidex, it’s easy to upload your ideas, tag them, and organise them in folders.

Step Three: Bask in the Glory of Good Organisation!

While it’ll seem sparse at first, your personal Musidex will continue to grow and grow. You’ll love knowing that every single music idea you’ve come up with will always be available to you and you’ll never be without inspiration.

About Us

At Musidex, we’re passionate about the creative process. We understand that an amazing melody, chord progression, or sonic inspiration can come at any moment and having a way to capture these ideas for future projects is important to artists

We believe that the modern music market is competitive. The ability to write high quality music quickly is imperative for being a modern composer. Using Musidex, any idea you’ve recorded can easily be recalled. Never be without inspiration when it’s time to compose your masterpiece.


Alex Liberatore
Alex Liberatore
Composer, Technologist, Producer and Organisational Nerd

He has written music for a variety of films, documentaries and tv shows. Career highlights include Netflix’s The Greatest Events of WW2 in Colour and Channel 4’s A Taste of Italy.